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Treatment of constipation with one needle

Dr. Angel Kajadziew

JK “Trakia” bl. 73, ent. A, ap. 23

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According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine there are four reasons for constipation:

1. “Embers” in the meridian (Yang - Min)

2. Discirculation Qi in the large intestine system and lungs.

3. Lack of Qi in the whole constitution.

4. A common syndrome of cold.

The clinical count is the same for the four kinds it is described as: dry excrements, going to the toilet once per few days, meteorism, weight in the lower part of the abdomen, pain in the subcostal bones, bitterness In the mouth, especially in the spring, preference for sour food. The treatment of all these kinds of constipation is reduced to use just one point Fu-tsze (Sp14). Sp(14) is situated on the projection of the sigma of the large intestine.

This point is the most active on 31st March of the cycle of the year.

Technique of pricking:

Microneedle with a nipper is fixed with a quick movement on 0,1 cun at angle of 300-500 so the tip of the needle to point down.

The shank of the needle has to be 2 mm above the skin and has to be stuck with plaster 1x1 cm. It is exercised pressure over the needle about 1-2 min. until sensation of weight appears in the area of the point. The needle stands from 3 to 7 days, going to the toilet is normalized for twenty-four hour period. The effectiveness in my method is 75% though Chinese Dju Bin claims that it is 99% in his method.

The influence on the point Sp14 normalizes the movement of Qi in the meridian Li.


Two drops of Zingber officinale, two drops of Sangnisorba officinalis, three drops of the Lavandula officinalis are poured in 20ml basis oil.


Recommendations: normalization of a regimen of diet; more fruits and fibres; 1,5-2 liquids a day; sport, going to the toilet on the same time.

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