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Where you prefer to get personal attention and care and provide professional advice on your weight loss,

Before you actually engage in any self-management of weight loss plan it has become necessary to know the amount of food we currently eat, and what proportions of food that will be eating and not eating when you start your diet. Please also get the thumbs up to a doctor before starting any weight loss or fitness program, especially if you have health problems. You should not neglect these health issues because if you are excessively overweight, and there may be hidden because you are not aware… Продължи

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История на медицината от древността до наши дни



История на медицината от древността до наши дни

Във Варна се намира единственият на Балканите…


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confirms that sleep medicine is treating the symptoms only

Rosin notes that various diseases can also interfere with sleep. Pain, frequent urination in asthma or respiratory problems or heart disease. Also, depression or behind sleep problems concern. - Should be directed treatment in this case. If the pain is caused by lack of sleep and the need is guidance for ongoing pain treatment. Depression is the cause and treatment of depression treatment of a sleep disorder, the teacher recommends. …


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Св. Николай Мирликийски -Чудотворец

Тропар на св. Николай, гл.4

Правило на вярата и образец на кротост, учител на въздържанието

те показа на Твоето стадо Този, Който е истината на нещата,

поради това със смирението придоби величие, а с нищетата…

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Human beings require up to 7-9 hours of sleep daily. It can, of course, vary according to the age and occupation of the person. But, sometimes, due to certain reasons, a person may not get sufficient amount of restorative sleep. He is then said to be deprived of sleep. Sprayable Sleep


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation, or chronic insomnia, is the lack of adequate amount of sleep. It can be…


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Prevention and Promotion of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy.

Prevention and Promotion of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy.

The first part of this project consisted of a critical analysis of practices 


Ultimate Flora

Weight control offered by private industry. It aimed to identify and document

Different products, services and dieting means (PSMA) available

Quebec to analyze the differences between these PSMA and healthy…


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